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IT Infrastructcure Development

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Broadband development in the city
FTTH services are available for 8.4 million houses and 4.25 million homes have already enjoyed FTTH, 18% higher than the previous year. Over 70% of homes have broadband access with an average bandwidth of 23M, leading the whole nation. NGB has covered 6 million families and achieved full coverage in both central and suburbs of the city.

Wireless city development
4G network has covered the city center and major towns in the suburbs. 3G/4G users totaled over 14 million, accounting for 60% of mobile phone subscribers. WLAN access are available at 23000 locations with 17000 Access Points, ranking the top across the nation.


Portal and capacity development
Internet bandwidth of international access and provincial access tares 700G and 3800G respectively. There have been over 3800 frames in the Internet data centers. IPTV subscribers and GDTV Subscribers totaled 2.65 million as the “No.1 HD city” in China.