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Shanghai has 68 universities or colleges including 10 “211 project” title owners. There are comprehensive universities whit international reputations and colleges that enjoy world reputation in music, opera or Chinese traditional medicine as well as research based, advanced and internationalized universities such NYU Shanghai and Shanghai Tech University.


Facts and figures


In the PISA of OECD every three years, students in Shanghai were assessed in 2009 and 2012 and ranked No.1 in terms of reading, mathematics, and science knowledge.


Currently, Shanghai has over 1,400 kindergartens and 1,500 primary and high schools.


Shanghai has schools for children of expatriates, providing foundation to high school programs to them.US programs, UK programs, country-specific programs, IBO programs and Chinese programs are offered to meet the demands of expatriates from different countries. For now, Shanghai has a total of 36 Schools for children of expatriates.


Academic pathway


Shanghai’s public (private) primary and high schools as well as pre-school education institutions.


Expatriate’s children can apply for public (private) primary and high schools as well as pre-schools education institutions and enjoy the same education resources as local students. If parents have type B resident permit, their children can attend public primary and secondary school for free 9-year education. Costs for pre-school programs and high schools are the same as children with Shanghai household registration .Applications can be made to local district education bureau for children to attend above-mentioned schools.


Schools for children of expatriates in Shanghai


Expatriate’s children can apply directly to schools for expatriates. For detailed information, please visit . Tuitions are charged according to prices announced by the respective school.


Universities in Shanghai


Expatriate’s children with high school graduation certificate can apply for higher education in Shanghai. Please visit for more information. Tuitions are charged according to prices announced by the respective university.