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Exit-Entry Facilitation for Foreigners

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Foreigners, who abide by Chinese laws, remain healthy and do not have criminal record, are eligible to apply for permanent resident permit, if they also meet one of the following requirements.
1. Have investment in China, remain stable investment in 3 consecutive years, and possess sound taxation record. The paid-in registered capital of their investment in China shall meet one of the following requirements.
 Invest more than US$500,000 in projects listed in the encouraged category of the Catalog guiding foreign investment.
 Invest more than US$500,000 in West China and key poverty-stricken areas.
 Invest more than US$ 1 million in Mid China.
 Invest more than US$ 2 million in China.
2. Act as Deputy GM(or higher position) or have associate professor (or higher academic title) for at least 4 years, with no less than 3 years residence in China and with sound taxation record.
Their employer shall meet one of the following requirements.
 Organization affiliated to Ministry of central government or provincial government.
 Key university or college.
 Enterprise and institution performing the key national projects or significant scientific research projects.
 Enterprise with hi-tech, or in encouraged category, ore export oriented firms.
3. Have outstanding contributions to China or special skills to serve the nation.
4. The spouse of the above mentioned foreigner and their unmarried children under 18 years old.
5. The spouse of Chinese citizen or of foreigner with permanent resident permit, with at least 5years of marriage and 5 consecutive years of stay in China, no less than 9 months residence per annum in China with stable income and place to live.
6. The unmarried children (under 18 years old) who want to join their parents.
7. Those who have no lineal relatives abroad and want to join lineal relatives in China, and who have been 60 years old and stay in China for 5years, no less than 9 months residence per annum in China with stable income and place to live.

Long term resident permit for foreigners

Foreigners with Honorable Citizenship, Magnolia Gold Award and Silver Award are eligible to apply for resident permit valid for 5 years.
Foreigners who meet one of the following requirements are eligible to apply for resident valid for 3-5years.
 Provincial level foreign exports, talents, or foreign celebrities.
 Foreign academic or research leader and research or teaching staff with senior technical titles, employed by national or provincial research institutes or key universities.
 Legal representative, GM, deputy GM and CFO of foreign invested enterprise with hi-tech, or in encouraged category, or exports oriented firms.
 Legal representative, executives and research staff of MNE’s RHQs or R&Ds or holding companies in Shanghai.
 Legal representative, GM, deputy GM, CFO and senior executives of foreign invested enterprise in Shanghai with registered capital over US$ 3 million.

Landing visa policy

Foreigners invited by companies for business trips to Shanghai can apply for landing visa if they are unable to acquire valid visa outside of China in case of emergency. The companies issuing invitation are required to file with Entry and Exit Administration.
1. All newly filed companies will be granted Class B qualification. They can submit business license, organization code certificate, landing visa application form, copies of foreigner's passport to the landing visa service counter of Pudong International Airport.
2. MNC's RHQs certified by Shanghai Commission of Commerce will be granted Class A qualification, which can apply landing visa online.
The above two sorts of companies can log in E-platform of Entry and Exit Administration of Shanghai Public Security Bureau with user name and password, click the button of landing visa for foreigners to start the application procedure. Once the application is approved, companies can download “landing visa approval for foreigners”. The invitees can obtain landing visa from visa service counter immediately with this Approval downloaded and printed out, upon arrival at Shanghai.