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Policy for Foreign Employees in Shanghai

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More and more foreigners choose to work in Shanghai in recent years. So far, There are about 88, 000 foreigner experts and 86,000 foreign employees in Shanghai. 120,000 overseas students choose to work or start their own business in Shanghai. Foreign employees in Shanghai are engaged in a variety of sectors from advanced manufacturing to modern services, from traditional business to newly booming industries, such as top tier academic and research professionals supporting Shanghai's economic and social development; such as senior management staff, investor, chairman of board, and GM, etc.; such as senior engineer and architect, designer who bring in advanced skill and technology ; and such as western cuisine chef, accountant, and analyst.

Convenient and efficient services to talents

Shanghai provides online services to foreigners for the application of work permit and employment permit, which builds up a sound environment with simplified procedure and shortened application time.
All foreign students employed or self-employed in Shanghai with bachelor's degree or above or with special talent, and overseas Chinese students with Chinese passport but without Chinese household registration, and foreign talents together with spouse and children below 18 years or studying in high school, can apply for "Shanghai Resident Permit B" and enjoy relevant policy incentives. Qualified foreigners can apply for Certificate of Foreign Expert and enjoy relevant incentives. Other foreign employees or self-employed in Shanghai can apply for Employment Permit for Foreigner.