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Servs to SMEs

Issuing Date: 2014-08-07   Author:Editor of site   Source: 2013 White Paper On Environment for Foreign Investment in Shanghai   Views:



Servers to SEMs







Improve laws and regulations and optimize business environment for SMEs


Improve service systems for SMEs and service capabilities


Support the innovation & incubation and transformational development of SMEs



Innovate financing services to SMEs and address difficulties in financing


Develop financial institutions for SME services and financing platform

Up to the end of 2012, there were 3 specially certified institutions, 3 branches dedicated  to SMEs, and 157 sub – branches (including for technology companies) for SMEs.


Actively promoted small loan companies, and approved the first foreign–invested small  loan company. The city has a total of 101 small loan companies and 87 of them have lent RMB 71.2 billion and the balance totaled RMB 15 billion.


Develop village banks and 9 village banks have opened for business.


According to facilitate and diversify financing, the city issued the “Implementation Opinion” and established the service platform for SME financing.


Supported districts to establish “SME Financial Service Cooperative” .


Created technological financing services, supported the first legal –person banks dedicated  to technology companies–SPD Silicon Valley Bank, and encouraged 8 commercial banks and 26 branches to establish dedicated counters for technological financing.


Continue to promote the pawn business. The city has 229 pawnshops and 59 branches, altogether 288 units. Their registered capital totaled RMB 4.84 billion.


Explore business model of community banks, and enabled the “Guiding Opinion on Encouraging Financial Institutions in Shanghai to Strengthen Community Financial Services”.


Strengthen support and guidance to credit lending

Established compensation for loans to SMEs:

26 commercial banks were included in the pilot test of compensation for loans to SMEs in 2012 and outperforming banks will be rewarded.


CBRC innovated surveillance approaches:

strengthened regular inspection and assessment of Bank´s credit data of SMEs in Shanghai and improved the efficiency of financial services to SMEs. Only 5 working days are needed for approval clearance if documents are complete. Weighted fluctuation range of SME loan interest rate has been smaller than the previous year.


Strengthened planning and guidance of financial services:

according to the quarterly SME loan working meeting, the list of 1,101 Hey SMEs was  published and commercial banks were required to offer priority credit supports. 2012“Best Partner for SME Financing Services” was conducted and 25 financial institutions were awarded and 10 Best Partner Bank for Trade in Service and Service Outsourcing were also certified.


Encouraged financial institutions to innovate new financial products:

publish Shanghai Bank Innovation Report on a regular basis and there have been over 300 products dedicated to SMEs.“ Financing Product Promotion Seminar” was hosted and SMEs signed “SME Financing Product Promotion Agreement” with 5 financial institutions. Actively   move forward IP –mortgaged financing. People´s Bank of China Shanghai Headquarter has established RMB capital pool of 1 billion to re –finance projects of tangible business. Support insurance companies to innovate products and services. Ping´an Property Insurance was the   first one to offer SME loan insurance as a pilot test.

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